How do I make my club successful?

There is no perfect formula to making your club explode, but we have a few suggestions that will help! We think of them as guidelines to greatness, if you will. We’re here to give you a helping hand so that your club will be known forevermore as one of the most happening places on Gemr. Here are some tips to get your members excited and coming back:


1. Follow everyone in your club

We make this super easy for you -- just go to your club and hit “Members.” Now just scroll down and click “Follow” on a bunch of people. They will be excited to see you taking an interest, and may even follow you back -- heck yes! You are one step closer to more BCFs (Best Collector Friends).


2. Like as many posts as you can

People like to feel liked! They’re guaranteed to show off more of their amazing items if they see people are enjoying them. This helps to keep the train of items on the track and rolling (choo choo!). Maybe they’ll even like your items back!


3. Comment on items and updates

People want to talk about their stuff (I mean, don’t you?). Comment on their items and updates, welcome them to your club -- that sort of stuff! It only takes a second, but members are way more likely to come back if someone is talking to them and noticing them. No one likes to walk into an empty room and yell into the void (okay, some people do, but that’s not why you’re on Gemr). Give your club’s members the attention they deserve.


4. Show off your own collection!

It’s a lot less scary to show off stuff if you can see other people’s stuff, right? We know you’re proud of your collection, so why not show it to all your members? It’s the age-old adage: I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours (note: this should only apply to collectibles -- keep it clean).


5. Want other people’s items

It’s really flattering when someone wants the things you have managed to find. It means your collection is so cool, someone else wants to get their hands on it. So if you see something you want, show it off! Hit the “Want it” button on a computer to add it to your collection. The original poster will get a notification letting them know you think it’s so cool, you want it too.


6. Want some items from around the internet

Is no one posting items in your club that you really, really, really want? Well, that’s okay. If you’ve been eyeing that Hot Toys Star Lord forever, or you’ve been ogling that Mezco One:12 Collective Joker, grab a pic off the internet and upload it as a (link to the wanted item section) wanted item.


7. Share articles and quizzes in the club

Ask people what they think about your fandom. It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s quick! If you’re already reading news or taking quizzes online, why not just link to them so that others in your club can, too? Take a quiz about which Sailor Scout you are (we got Jupiter), or which Justice League Hero is your long-lost twin (we got The Flash)?


8. Start a discussion:

This is easy, too! Got something you’ve been wondering? Looking for suggestions? Maybe you just want someone to talk to. Here are some prompts to get you started:

    • What’s your favorite…
    • Who’s your favorite character…
    • Where do you go to buy….
    • What got you into…
    • Who would win in a fight...


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