How do I use the post scheduler?

Oh boy! You want to try out our cool new toy? YAY! Well, it’s pretty darn easy to use. To start, hop on a computer (we know, we know -- you like to use your phone, but this tool is a bit too powerful for our app right now). Once you’re on your computer, go to your club and click on the “Admin” tab. On the left side you’ll see the words “Post Scheduler” -- it’s probably obvious by now, but just humor us and click that.


Now you’re going to see this beautiful screen. “Holy scheduler, Batman,” you might be saying. “That sure is a heck of a screen.” You’re right. It is. You might notice under the left side you have a handy dandy organizer that says “Scheduled posts” and “My Posts.” Scheduled Posts are the posts that haven’t been released into the Gemrverse yet -- the posts of the future, if you will. The My Posts section contains your posts of the past. These posts have already been published.


Got it? Cool! Let’s move on. In the middle of the screen, you’ll see a week of dates and a big gray space with nothing going on. This is where posts will show up once you schedule them. We’re going to walk you through how to schedule a post right now, and then give you the reins and let you run wild like the stallion we know you are.


To start, let’s hit the big orange button on the right hand side that says “Schedule new post.” You’re going to see another sweet screen pop up.


Type in whatever you want to say in the top part, then either paste a link under it, or add images if you prefer. Maybe you have opinions on the newest issue of Detective Comics or have something to say about the latest Marvel movie. Get that stuff in, add a link to back it up or a funny image, and that part is done.


Next “Pick a time to post” (we make this as straightforward as we can). Choose the date, the time, and whether it’s AM or PM. Pretty easy, huh? We don’t even make you use military time like some of those other social sites.


Finally, choose whether or not you want to get an email when it posts, and decide if you’d like to pin it to the top of your club feed. Did we mention we allow you to pin posts when you schedule them? As a reminder, you can only have one pinned post at a time, so if you already have a pinned post, this new one will kick the current one off of it’s high spot and claim the throne once it posts. The other post will sink in the feed, bested but not forgotten. Just keep this in mind when you plan which posts you want to pin.


Hit “Finish” and confirm the information is right! Your post will now appear in the scheduler under the date you set it up for. You can look ahead at all of the awesome posts you have set up by hitting the “Next Week” or “Last Week” buttons at the top to scroll through the weeks.


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