What’s the difference between a Public, Private, and Members Only Club?


A public club is one anyone can join! There is no need to ask for permission, because everyone can wander in and hang out. We like this kind best because it’s the easiest way to get a bunch of people into your club! It’s a friendship free-for-all in this club -- think of it as a big happy fandom commune.



Private clubs require prospective members to ask to join your club. Anyone can see the club in search, but they can’t participate unless they get exclusive membership access from you, the curator. This way, you can be a little more exclusive about who comes and hangs out in your community. Think of it like a gated neighborhood. You get to be the welcoming committee and say hello right when people come in the door, but you can also make sure TurdBasket69 doesn’t come in and troll your members.


Members Only:

A members only club doesn’t show up on the club list, even if people are searching for it. This kind of club is like the Justice League -- people might have heard about it, but unless they get an invitation from the curator, they’ll never find it. You can assemble only the greatest of heroes (or villains, depending on what you like) and make the club perfect for you and your friends to hang out in. You can save making new friends for your other club(s). This is the most exclusive place on Gemr.


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