How do I become a curator?

So you want to become one of those amazing people who curate clubs on Gemr? We’re so excited, we’re pulling out the cake and party hats -- but we won’t put on our party pants (don’t worry, we’re still wearing regular pants) until you’re in. There are two ways to become a curator:


The best way is to start your own club. Maybe you love Captain Marvel, or Hermione, or maybe even the Cheshire Cat. Go ahead and (link to create a club section) create a club to celebrate them! As soon as you’re done setting it up, you will be an official Gemr Curator -- you even get a cool piece of flair next to your name so people know you’re kind of a big deal.


If I see a club I like curated by Gemr-curator and I want to take it over, can I?


We love all of our clubs here at Gemr, but there are so many we look after, we can sometimes get a little tired. If you want to take the reigns of one of the clubs Gemr-curator has been looking after, go ahead and send a message to us through the Gemr messenger. We don’t bite (wait, this is the internet -- we don’t byte either!).


We will gladly hand off most of our Gemr-curated clubs to a responsible new owner with nothing more than a solitary tear rolling down our cheek. There are a few we need to keep, but we’ll let you know if we can’t give it up -- we have our reasons...secret, devious reasons. Just kidding!  


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