What is the Club Admin panel?

This is the place where you can make all sorts of changes to your club! We ask you use it on a computer, just to keep things easier (it would get a little busy if we tried to cram ALL of Gemr’s advanced features into the app). So here’s what you’ll see when you click on the admin tab inside your club:


Club Information

This is where you can make basic changes to your club. You can change the name and description, add curators, change the clubs category, turn on or off updates about your club, and switch between public, private, and members only. Woah! That is a lot of stuff for one section to do. Thankfully it’s the busiest one, so it only gets easier from here.


Pending Requests

If your club is (link to “What’s the difference between a Public, Private, and Members Only Club?” section) private, you will sometimes receive requests to join. If you want your club to grow, you need to accept some new friends into your club. You can go through and pick and choose who joins. Maybe “Barbiefan” gets in, but “PoopLord420” doesn’t (or vice versa -- it’s your club, and your rules). It’s up to you, but remember to check it often so your new club members aren’t left waiting.




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