What does a curator do?


Update Curator’s Corner

Oh man, we love this! If you are on your computer and turn your gaze toward the left hand side of your Gemr homepage, you might notice some cool stuff in some of your other clubs. That’s now yours to command! UNLIMITED POWER! Well -- semi-limited power. Read a great article? Post it. Know a cool YouTuber you want to share? Do it. Help keep other collectors up to date on the best happenings in your fandom! If you put it here, it won’t get lost in all of the awesome items people are adding to the feed.


Keep it Clean

Sometimes people put things in the wrong place. It happens, we get it. But when you’re in the Batman club and a My Little Pony accidentally shows up…doesn’t it make you squirm? Well, now you can fix that and make everyone happier! As a curator, you can remove items from your club that shouldn’t be there. Keep your club full of the stuff you love, and get that other stuff back out into the Gemr-verse to find it’s real home!


Keep Active

This is simple -- you’re already doing it! Give yourself a pat on the back and keep up the good work! Just keep posting. Reply to posts, like things, talk to people, and if someone asks a question, try to help them. Pretty easy, right?


Keep Showing off Your Stuff

You have such a great collection, we want to see MORE! Be the envy of everyone in your club! If you’ve shown off everything you have, we would love to see all the cool stuff you want but can’t quite buy yet. If you keep putting new stuff in the club, others will want to do the same.

And that’s it!

Just remember, as a curator you are the Batman of Gotham, the Disney Princess of dolls, the Twilight Sparkle of Ponyville. The power is in your hands!




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