Using Quick Collect to Bulk Add Items

For larger collections, uploading items one at a time would be incredibly inefficient.  Gemr apps on iOS and Android allow you to select several pictures (one of each item) and quickly add basic items that you can improve later.


  1. From the feed, tap the "+" button, select "Quick Collect"
  2. Choose whether to create a new collection for these items or select one of your existing collections to add them to
  3. Tap "Add Items" and choose whether to use the Photos or Gallery app
  4. This is important - each image will create a new item, so only choose one image per item to be created! Select the primary image for each one of your items to be uploaded.  
  5. Tap into each item added to enter a title and description. Add additional images of the item if you'd like
  6. After all items have been added, tap "Submit" to add all items to the selected collection



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