Using Quick Collect to Bulk Add Items

We know some of you have giant collections. Like, so big they are taking over your room, or sometimes even more than your room. When you have that much cool stuff, you want to get it all up on Gemr in a hurry. One item at a time would be exhausting! So we added “Quick Collect” to save you time and headaches. It lets you grab one image of each item and upload them with really bare bones basic info so you can spiffy them up later.


Pretty awesome, right? Here’s how you use it:

  1. From the home screen, tap the "+" button and select "Quick Collect"
  2. Decide if you want to make a new collection or just add all your awesome stuff into one you already have.
  3. Slam your finger down on "Add Items" (warning: we aren’t responsible for cracked screens -- or broken fingers -- that result from overenthusiastic slamming)  and choose whether to take new photos or grab them from your Gallery.
  4. This is important - each photo will create a new item, so only choose one image per item to be created! Basically what we’re saying is: if you select ten images of the same My Little Pony, you will have ten items for that one figure. While you may like her A LOT, ten items of her is a bit excessive.  
  5. Tap into each item added to enter a title and description. Here is where you can add additional pictures of each item if you like. Please feel free to go crazy with My Little Pony images now.
  6. After all items have been added, tap "Submit" to add all items to the selected collection. They will appear like magic wherever you put them, ready to be fawned over by all your BCFs.


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