Add an item to a club

As a collector, sharing your collection with others is the best part! Sharing your collection with a related Gemr club is a great way to do just this.


Adding a new item to a club


Starting to add your items is easy! In your Home Feed, or in a Club, you'll notice an update box where you can say hello and start conversations with other users. Here's what it looks like:


See the "Add Item" and "Add Collection" buttons next to "Create Update"? Whether your adding your favorite item or starting a new collection, you can click there to start the upload process. In this FAQ we're going to cover adding a New Item:

1. Click Add Item, and you'll be brought to our interface. It's a simple two step process, let's take a look!

  • On page one, see below, you'll add a picture (or 10) of your item.
  • Choose a label that fits this item.
    • Are you selling it?
    • Is it one you've collected?
    • Do you want this item but don't have it yet?
    • Is this a really incredible item that you admire?
  • Enter a Title and Description of the item. Tell it's story, how did you get it? What's special about it? This is a great place to give your item a personality. (Scroll down for page 2)


2. On page 2, you'll see a preview of your item before it gets sent into the Gemr-verse to be seen by all your friends. On this screen you'll need to do two things before finishing:

  • Add your item to a collection, this step is mandatory because what's an item without a collection! 
  • Add your item to a Club so other users can see it. This step is optional in case your more of a private collector. If you add the item from the Club screen, as seen above, it will automatically be added to that Club.
  • For those collectors who want to add some real detail to their items, click Show Advanced Information. 



And you're done! Click Finish to see your item in the Club feed & get excited with your BCFs!


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