Add an item to a club

Want to make sure people see the awesome collectibles you post? Of course you do! We love it when people ooh and ahh over our stuff, too. Here’s how to make sure the right eyeballs find your items:


Adding a new item to a club


If you’ve been hanging out on Gemr lately, you’ve probably noticed that handy dandy little update box lounging around at the top of your feed. This is our favorite place on Gemr -- it’s where you make everything happen.


If you haven’t noticed this before, go ahead and squint curiously at the bottom of that box while softly saying “hmm.” You’ll see some buttons that say "Add Item" and "Add Collection" right next to "Create Update". Click the “Add Item” button, and get ready for the magic to start, because...

You’re now just a few steps away from getting your item where you want it!

  • You’ll be asked to add some pictures of your cool collectible. Go ahead and stage a photoshoot with your showpiece (the camera loves it) and upload up to 10 of those bad boys to let everyone know how awesome your item is.
  • Next, choose what you want people to know about this collectible:
    • Are you trying to make some sweet, sweet cash by selling it?
    • Is it something you've collected and are going keep forever?
    • Or, is this something you really, really want, but is hovering just outside your grasp?
  • Finally, just enter a title for the rad thing you have and a short description about it. Some ideas: How did you get it? What's special about it? Did you find it in a haunted mansion filled with cursed artifacts (disclaimer: do not take things from haunted mansions filled with cursed artifacts)? This is a great place to give your item a personality.


Now you’re on to the second section! Here you'll see a preview of your item (looking awesome, by the way) before it gets sent into the Gemr-verse to be drooled over by all your adoring fans. This is the time to make a few last tweaks:


  • Add your item to a collection. Every item has a special spot in a collection -- that’s why it’s called collecting! We make it mandatory so people can find and ogle your items more easily!
  • Add your item to a club (up to five!) so the people who care just as much as you do about your awesome item can see it! This step is optional, in case you’re more of a private collector. We recommend it, though -- people want to see your stuff!

For those collectors who want to add some real detail to their items, click “Show Advanced Information” to really get geeky with it.



You're done! Click “Finish,” go check out your incredible item in its club, and get ready to bask in the sweet internet sunshine of comments, likes, and the ever-coveted “want”s!


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