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Have you been seeing someone post really cool stuff in your clubs and you want to know what they’re up to right away? You should totally follow them! When you follow someone, you make it clear you think they are AWESOME and that you want to keep seeing their collection! You get to see their cool stuff, they know people like their collection -- everyone wins!


“But how do I do it, all-knowing FAQ?” you might be asking. Don’t worry -- we like to keep things easy here. It’s just two steps.


  1. Click on their name if you see them tagged in a recent update, or search for them in the search bar. You want to wind up on their profile, because that’s where the magic happens. Spend a moment scrolling through all their cool stuff if you need to (we get distracted too, don’t worry).
  2. When your collectible thirst has been quenched and you remember why you came to their profile, just click the “Follow” button on their banner, and you’re done!



Now all their awesome stuff will show up in your home feed and you can always see the awesome stuff they picked up or hear the cool things they have to say.



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    Tank yuo imvery very help

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