Add an info card to an item

Share what you know or get more information about your items by adding info cards to your items.

Adding an info card to an existing item

Navigate to the item you would like to add an info card to from the Dashboard.

1. Hover over the item and select Edit

Follow the steps below to add an info card to your item.


Adding an info card to a new item

Before saving your item, you'll see the Item Summary screen that looks like this:

1. Click Infocard to get started


2. Select an info card that best represents your item. For example, if I am adding a HotWheels diecast car, I would select "die-cast"

3. Fill out the information that you know about your item with certainty. If other users disagree, they'll be able to make suggestions to this information later.

4. Leave the information that you don't know blank - other users will be asked to help suggest information to help complete your item.

That's it! Select "Done" and save your item. Your item will be updated.


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