How do I Verify My Account?

We know what brought you here. It was a message. We even know what it said: "That user account is not yet verified."

Wow. We’re good. Either that, or we know that’s why people ask this question a lot.

So why the message? Well, if you created your Gemr account with an email address (instead of using Facebook or Google sign in), you need to verify it before you can log in. You should have an email chilling out in your inbox from us asking you to verify. All you have to do is click the verification link, and you’re set!

Don’t see the email? Check your spam folder first. You spam folder is like a bug zapper, and your inbox might be afraid we’re bugging you (we crack ourselves up). If it isn’t there, then scoot on over to your (link to settings) settings, and then to Account Settings.

Under “Email,” there will be an option to “Resend Verification Email.” Go ahead and ask, we’ll send you as many as you need to get through this.


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    Jacki Walker
    I cannot login or set up an account to sell.
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    Tales Resold doesn't come up on either of my browsers. Hasn't responded in 2 days now.

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