Leave a club

Leaving a Club

Need to bail from a club? We have a parachute for you! We totally get it -- sometimes our interests change, or we go on a club-joining bender that we regret the next morning. Now you want to say goodbye to your old hangouts, and find some new ones. We’re sure there are tons of clubs here for all your new interests, but for now, let’s help you gracefully exit the old club.

If only all breakups were this easy! Just go to the club you want to bail from, hit the “leave” button, and tuck and roll. You did it! You’re out!



Are you getting harassed by gatekeeping jerks? Is King Kong ripping your collection appart? We take that sort of behavior very seriously here at Gemr. If ANYONE is harassing you, please let us know. (link to open a ticket) Click here to report a user who isn’t behaving. We’re like Batman to Gotham, but if we don’t know it’s going on, we can’t help fix it!

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Do you love your club, but you’re always getting pinged by notifications? Is it driving you bonkers? We got you -- (link to settings) click here to change your notification settings!

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