What are collections?

What are Collections?

The short answer: they’re the same as the collections you have at home, only digital -- so you don’t have to bring strangers into your room to show them how cool your stuff is. Because that’s uncomfortable.   

We know that almost everyone who collects keeps their stuff categorized (we sure do). With all those labeled boxes and alphabetized books and movies, it can be hard to keep track of it all. Enter GEMR -- the hero your collection deserves. We make it easy to sort all of your stuff so you know exactly what you have. That way, you can show ALL of it off (even if you ran out of shelf space a decade ago).


So go ahead and upload your action figures (even that weird Hulk that has two left arms), or your antique spectacles, or even your signed Justin Bieber memorabilia (we don’t judge here). You can make a comfortable home in a collection for anything you collect!  There's no limit to how many collections you can have, so make as many as your geeky heart desires. You can even make a collection for all the cool stuff you want but can’t buy yet -- think of it as a collectible vision board!


Oh yeah, and one final thing: you can specify who can see your collections when you're creating them! We know sometimes we like to be private about the cool stuff we have, so feel free to keep it on the down low.


Click here to start digitizing your favorite collections.


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