How do I Edit an Item?

Uh oh -- did the typo bug get into your item? Maybe you noticed something was misspelled, or you put it in the wrong club by accident. Keep calm and Gemr on, we’re going to get through this together. It’s actually really easy to make edits, we promise.


  1. Go to the item you want to edit (it lives in both your collections and in your items, so click whichever is easier for you).


2. Once you find the item that you need to edit, click the image to bring it up. Here you’re going to see an “Edit” button. Slam your mouse on that sucker, cause it’s going to feel good when you correct it.

    3. A window will pop up that lets you edit anything you want about your item. So change its       collection, change its clubs, change its name, etc.


Great work! You’re using Gemr like a pro!


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