I Forgot My Username or Password!

Forgotten Username

No biggie, it happens to the best of us. Some of us here at Gemr would lose our heads if they weren’t bolted on! You can also use the email you signed up with instead of your username! Once you’re in your account, just check your profile to see what that elusive username was. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll probably go, “oh, that’s right!” once you see it.


Forgotten Password

Trying to sign in and feeling a little stumped? Been there, too. That’s why we made resetting your password so easy! When you click “Sign In,”  you’ll see a bit of tiny text under the password box. You might not have noticed it because it’s tiny (it’s a little shy), but it says “reset password.”


Click that sucker and when it asks, type in the email you used to sign up for Gemr.

Done? Great! Now just go to your email and use the link to change your password to something fresh and new (and hopefully easier to remember)!


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