How do I add, modify or delete images?

To upload new images or update existing ones:

Images may be uploaded or updated while listing new items or editing previously listed items. Every item may have up to eight associated images.

On the Edit Listing or Create Listing page, near the bottom, click on the Browse button next to one of the image fields. This will open your desktop's file browser, where you must find and select the image you wish to upload.

After you have entered all the images you wish to upload and filled in or edited the rest of the fields appropriately, click on Update or Create (depending, respectively, on whether you are editing an existing item or listing a new one), after which you will be notified of successful or unsuccessful update/upload.

All images uploaded to GoAntiques must be in JPEG format. For the sake of upload and download speed, GoAntiques recommends image sizes no greater than 640x480.

To delete images:

Images that have already been uploaded may be deleted while editing previously listed items.

On the Edit Listing page, check the "Remove image" box next to each image that you wish to delete. Then, click on Update. You will be notified of successful or unsuccessful update.

NOTE: The Primary Image is the image that will appear with the item when it is returned in search results and the first image displayed on the item's item detail page. All other images will be available to viewers, but only from the item detail page.


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