What should I enter in each inventory field?

This article contains a brief description of each inventory field. The fields themselves are indicated by their boldtypeface. Each field is followed by a hyphen (-), which is followed by the corresponding Bulk Upload column header in italic typeface, followed by another hyphen. Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) immediately after the field name are required. The order in which the fields appear here mirror the order in which they appear on the Create Listing and Edit Listing pages.

Status* - Status - Valid entries for this field are For Sale and Inactive. Items marked Inactive will not appear to buyers.

Department* - Department - This is the most general categorization field. Valid entries are Antiques, Collectibles, and Reproductions.

Category* - Category - For a complete listing of categories, see the relevant drop-down menu in the Create Listing or Edit Listing pages. Examples include Ceramics, Fine Art, and Glass.

Subcategory - Subcategory - The subcategory options change depending on the category. For a complete listing of the valid subcategories for a given category, see the relevant drop-down menu in the Create Listing or Edit Listing pages. Make sure you first select the appropriate category from that drop-down menu.

Listing Title* - Title - This is the name of the item that appears that appears in all listings. Together with the primary image, it is the first thing buyers will see.

Price* - Price - This is the price in US dollars.

Quantity* - Quantity - This field must contain either an integer number of Unlimited.

Description* - Desc - This field is for describing your item in more detail than what is given in the title.

Reference Number* - RefNum - The reference number must be a unique string of characters at least one character long. This is one of the most important fields, especially since it is the referent used by the bulk uploader when it determines which item to edit/update.

Height* - Height - In inches. The dimensions and weight fields are required so that shipping rates can be automatically calculated.

Width* - Width - In inches.

Depth* - Depth - In inches.

Weight* - Weight - In pounds.

Type / Pattern - Type - 

Country of Origin - CtryOrig - For a list of valid entries for this field, see the relevant drop-down menu in the Create Listing or Edit Listing pages.

Maker - Maker - For example, this field might contain the publisher or manufacturer name.

Style - Style - 

Condition* - Condition - This field should contain general descriptors like Flawless, Like New, Good, Fair, Poor, etc. Detailed information about the condition of your item should be provided in the description field.

Year* - YearMade - Exact years are not required for this field. In fact this field can contain more or less anything. Many use ranges like 1945-46. Other common entries are, for example, c. 1920, 1870s, late 19th century, etc.

Materials - Material - This is for the material out of which the item is made.

Determined at Purchase - Mark this field if you want to determine the shipping of your item only when someone expresses interest in it. There is no way to mark this field in a Bulk Upload file. Instead, enter Determined At Purchasein the Bulk Upload ShippingType field.

Fixed Shipping Cost - ShippingCost - To enter a fixed shipping cost on an item, you must mark this field and enter a valid price in US Dollars. The bulk uploader will ignore this field unless you specify Fixed Shipping in the ShippingType field.

Shipping Option - ShippingType - Valid entries for this field are FedEx 2 Day, Local Pickup, Free Shipping, UPS Ground, UPS 2nd Day Air, USPS Priority Mail, USPS Parcep Post, USPS Express Mail, and Determined At Purchase. If this field contains Fixed Shipping in a Bulk Upload file, the bulk uploader will look to the ShippingCost field.

Primary Image - ImageFile - This is the first image that buyers will see on the item detail page. It is also the image that will appear as a thumbnail when the item is returned in search results. Entries for this field in a Bulk Upload file must be valid ftp or http urls to images, which will be downloaded onto the GoAntiques servers.

Image 2 - ImageFile2 - This field and subsequent image fields are for additional images. Entries for these fields in a Bulk Upload file must be valid ftp or http urls to images, which will be downloaded onto the GoAntiques servers.

Image 3 - ImageFile3 - See above.

Image 4 - ImageFile4 - See above.

Image 5 - ImageFile5 - See above.

Image 6 - ImageFile6 - See above.

Image 7 - ImageFile7 - See above.

Image 8 - ImageFile8 - See above.


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