Why do you need access to "device ID and call information"?

We’re getting a psychic premonition -- you're here because you saw this message:

Device ID and Call Information Permission

Allows the app to determine the phone number and device IDs, whether a call is active, and the remote number connected by a call.


You were probably like, “whaaaat?” but don’t worry. We’re not Facebook. Because you can buy and sell on Gemr, we need to know who is doing the buying, and who is doing the selling. This lets us know who is doing what (which the U.S. government sort of requires, and makes sure the seller gets paid).  We only use this info when you’re making a payment. Here’s the technical “legalese” definition of what’s going on:


In order to facilitate secure transactions, Gemr processes payments with PayPal. While Gemr does not record or use the data being requested, our integration with PayPal requires a connection with your phone records.  This permission is only utilized when you make a PayPal purchase through Gemr.


Don't worry - we don’t save any of the data on our Gemr servers and the all necessary stuff is transferred securely to PayPal and out of our hands.


Gemr also allows credit card payments, processed through Stripe (a cool encryption service that makes sure your data is locked up tighter than the Funko Vault), without requiring these permissions, but this means you can’t use Paypal.


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