Add a new collection

Collections are a place to keep and organize your prized possessions on Gemr.  

1. Collection Name: what would you like to call your collection?  This will be public to all users who view your collection.

2. Description: let viewers know a little about your collection. How did you start collecting? What is your most prized item?

3. Visibility: who would you like to be able to view this collection?

  • Everyone: anyone visiting Gemr can view your collection and the items in it.
  • Friends Only: only Gemr users who you are friends with can see your collection and the items in it.
  • Just Me: this collection and the items in it will be private to you.

4. Club: want to share your baseball card collection with the a Sports Memorabilia Gemr club?  Great idea!  Just select it from the list of available clubs.  Just remember, you must be a member of the Gemr club before you can add your collection.

That's it!  You've added your first collection.  

Add some items to your collection → 


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