Add a new collection

How do I Add a New Collection?


Now that you know what a collection is, it’s time to get down to the dirty work of making one. But wait! It’s not dirty at all. It’s easier than getting the Cheshire Cat to smile. We like keeping things simple, so instead of following that crazy cat into madness, follow these three easy steps:


  1. Find the update box hanging out at the top of one of your feeds. It’s always there, waiting for whatever you need. It’s really great like that. Click "Add Collection."


2. “Oh, wow!” you might say, as a rad form opens. Just fill that bad boy out like the pro you are. Choose a name, give that collection a sweet description about what people will find in it, and pick some clubs to drop all your stuff into. Go ahead, it only takes a second. We’ll wait.


3. Ready? Excellent! Click "Create," and you're done! We’d give you a high five but honestly, it would just be two people awkwardly touching their computer screens and nobody wants that. Save the awkwardness for later -- instead, go check out your brand new collection by visiting your profile. 



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