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Share your prized possessions with the Gemr community by adding items.

What type of item do you have?


Adding a Collected Item 

Select "Collected" as you own this item and want to display it, but don't currently want to sell it.

1. Upload some images. Show off your item - add some pictures.


2. Give your item a title to help other users find it.

3. Describe your item. Add a little detail for those who are checking it out on Gemr. What is it? Where'd you find it? What else do you know about it?



4. If you already have a collection that would be a good fit for this item, select it from the list.

5. If not, create a new one. 

How to create a new collection →


6. You're all set to submit your item now if you'd like.  We do ask for some optional information on the right hand side of the screen, which will help your item get more views and engagement.  For more information, see the links below:

Request help identifying your item →

Add your item to a club →

Add an info card to your item →

Add tags to your item →



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