Join a club

So you want to join a club? Awesome! That’s the first step to making a new B.C.F. (Best Collector Friend)! It can be daunting going into a new club, but don’t worry, we’re all geeks here! Now you might be wondering, “All-knowing FAQ, how do I join a club?” Well get ready, new friend -- we’re going to teach you!


Are you new to Gemr?

  1. First off: Welcome! We’re really excited to see you!
  2. Finding clubs is easy as signing up! We’ll walk you through the steps, help you pick your interests, and recommend some clubs we think you’ll really dig.
  3. Select the clubs that float your boat, and you’re done!


Been here a while?

  1. Welcome back! We’re glad to see you expanding your interests.
  2. Click Here to check out all the clubs you’re not a part of (yet).
  3. Pick a few that ruffle your truffles, and click the join button!



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