How do I add a "Wanted" item?

We get it. Sometimes you don’t have the cash for a collectible right away, but boy oh boy do you want it. Maybe the awesome new game you pre-ordered isn’t here yet, but you just can’t wait to tell everyone all about it. Or maybe you see something on Gemr that is SO AWESOME, you know you just have to get one for yourself. Guess what? It’s time to add (drumroll, please)... a “Wanted” item.


There are two easy ways to add a “Wanted” item. The first is just like (link to add an item section of the faq) adding any item. The second is by seeing something rad and “wanting” it -- but we’re getting ahead of ourselves (we’re just SO EXCITED about this)! Let’s start with adding a coveted collectible just like any other item.

It only takes three easy steps:


1. You see that handy dandy update box at the top of your screen (yeah, we talk about it a lot -- it’s where the magic happens)? Click on “Add Item.” Wanted_Item_Add.png

  1. On the incredible all-telling screenshot we’ve included, you might have noticed that the “Wanted” box is checked off instead of “Collected” -- this tells people that you want to get your hands on it, but you haven’t been able to just yet. Now just add this sucker like you would (link to add an item section)any other item.Wanted_Item_Modal.pngWanted_Item_2.png


3. When you have it all set to go, just hit “Finish” and BOOM! The item shows up as “Wanted” in whatever clubs you put it in and in your collection. Wow, what an awesome item -- we want it too, now!


Now let’s assume you’re jonesing to add something that’s not completely new to the site. You’re scrolling through your feed, you see the perfect piece for your collection, and you want it bad. Well, wanting an item this way is even easier. Three simple steps again:

  1. Click on that awesome item and bask in its glory.
  2. Once you’re done gazing longingly at it, you’ll notice that there is a little star right under the picture that says “Want it.” Click it. Click it good.
  3. Choose a collection, and click “Done.”

Whoa, that was easy. You did it! Now go out into the internet and “want” all the things you don’t have. Build your dream collection. When you manage to buy it, you can change it to “Collected.” It’s like checking off a box on your collectible bucket list, and it feels good.


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