How do I add a "Wanted" item?

Wanted items are a great feature that allows collectors to catalogue and share what items they are on the hunt for. For example, is there a new game coming out in a few months that you can't wait to get your hands on? Add it as "Wanted" to your Gemr collections and celebrate by changing it to "Collected" when that glorious time comes.


There are two ways you can add an Wanted item on Gemr. The first is manually adding it from your smartphone or computer; the second is visiting another collector's profile and "Wanting" their item. 

First let's talk about adding your own Wanted item, it's done in 3 easy steps:


1. No matter where you are on Gemr, you can always add items. Click either the orange plus button (or Add, if you're on a computer) or click Add Item from the update box.Wanted_Item_Add.png

2. Now, let's create our Wanted item. You'll notice the Wanted label is selected in this screenshot, be sure to click this label before moving forward.

  • Add a photo (or 10) of your item
  • Choose the Wanted label
  • Add a title
  • Write a description, tell this item's story. Why do you want it?Wanted_Item_Modal.png
  • After clicking Next, you'll add this item to a Collection and be sure to add your item to a Club to show it off to your Best Collector Friends.Wanted_Item_2.png


3. When you're ready, click Finish! You'll see the Success page (below) and your item posted in the feed. Wanted_Item_3.png


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